Our Vision
Revolutionizing the industry, we lead in environmental improvement. By fostering strong relationships, we aim for a healthier planet and a positive client experience.Our relentless team sets the standard for sustainable, non-toxic, and spotless cleaning practices.
Our Motto
Sustainable allaround. The first company you call and the last company you need.
Our Mission
Dedicated to sustainable relationships, Cavalry Cleaning delivers top-quality services,prioritizing client needs. Our expert, solution-focused team ensurespunctuality and exceeds expectations,forginga path towards a healthier planet.

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Sustainable all around. The first company you call and the last company you need.

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Our Reviews
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Adrienne Stewart
Adrienne Stewart 19 reviews · 14 photos
5 STARS! We are very pleased to have found a non-toxic professional cleaning service for our office space. We needed a deep cleaning that didn’t leave our staff and patients feeling terrible the next day. Other companies often use fragrances and chemicals that lead to headaches and brain fog. Not this one! I highly recommend Cavalry Cleaning if you are looking for a healthy yet clean commercial space!
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Henish Pulickal
Henish Pulickal 41 reviews · 14 photos
Cavalry recently cleaned a house I own after a major renovation, to list for sale. They did an incredible job. Usually cleaners leave dust in the cabinets, in the window sills, etc. Not Cavalry! Everything was spotless, including the windows, inside and out!
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Patricia Richardson-Stich
Patricia Richardson-Stich 1 review · 1 photo
Parents have reported on how much they notice our center being clean thanks to the great services provided by the Calvary Cleaning Company! Team members are attentive and they do a great job asking for feedback and providing suggestions on how to improve our space. Thank you for your great service!